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45 Printables to help you live with intention each and every day of your life.


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Virtually every day I talk with women either in person or online, and I hear a few words over and over again. BUSY. OVERWHELMED. SWAMPED. BURIED. Many times it’s in my own voice that I hear those words spoken aloud!

We live in an epidemic of busy-ness. A decade or so ago, women became masters of multitasking, wearing their BUSY badge like it was a coveted award.

Now, it seems we’ve had enough. We long for margin in our lives... meaningful time to focus on our family, on our purpose and passions, and on making an impact on the world through serving others.

As busy-ness and overwhelm has increased, so has our amassing of “stuff.” And more stuff means more to keep track of and organize. For “messies” like me, this becomes extremely problematic because the stuff ends up in piles in various locations around the house. FYI,
being a messy doesn’t mean my house is dirty. What it does mean is that organizing doesn’t come naturally to me and so I tend to put things into piles for when I can better devote my attention to whatever it is... which, let’s face it, is never!

A few months ago I started thinking about how my desire to be free from busy-ness boiled down to one thing: LIVING LIFE INTENTIONALLY. And so, My Intentional Life was born!